The Artist Book Foundation publishes, shares, and preserves artist books offering the richest visual presentations and most informed narratives of artists’ lives and work.


Committed to artists, the nonprofit 501-(c)(3) foundation believes that artist books, like the artwork that inspires them, serve as a vital source of knowledge and cultural insight for current and future generations.


Artist monographs and catalogues raisonnés are greatly valued by artists, galleries, collectors, art historians, students, and many others. However, these books are being published less and less because they rarely are profitable for trade publishers.

"The book is the book. To see it get out in the world and to be a permanent record. That’s what The Artist Book Foundation does — in the same way a museum puts it on the wall, The Artist Book Foundation will publish it."
—Tom Slaughter, New York City,  2012


Leslie Pell van Breen, co-founder, is one of the most highly regarded and accomplished art book publishers working today. Prior to co-founding The Artist Book Foundation, Leslie was publisher and executive director of Hudson Hills Press for more than a decade, building that company into a premier American publisher of fine art books. Leslie has worked with some of the finest museums in this country and published more than 75 titles ranging from artist monographs and catalogues raisonnés, to exhibition and collections catalogues as well as criticisms and historical surveys. Leslie and her team of the best book designers and editors in the United States are excited to continue working together, building on this impressive record.