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The Artist Book Foundation (TABF), founded in 2012 as a nonprofit organization, celebrates the lives and work of contemporary and historic artists. Its core mission is to document and share vital information encompassing our visual and artistic culture through publications, events, exhibitions, educational programs, and book donations for the benefit of students, scholars, collectors, historians and anyone interested in making art part of their life. 

Located on the campus of the acclaimed Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA), TABF works collaboratively with artists, museum curators, and historians to develop content with artistic and historical relevance for the benefit of an international art and design community. We are committed to an artistic legacy that believes books, exhibitions, and educational interactions provide an essential source of knowledge and cultural vitality for current and future generations. Our publications are distributed worldwide, and that global reach ensures accessibility to authoritative and well-informed content and imagery—a window into artists’ lives and work that would not otherwise be open.