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Mary Sipp Green

American landscape painter Mary Sipp Green (1947‒), based in the bucolic Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts, is superlative in her ability to invite the viewer into her emotional and atmospheric landscapes and seascapes. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Mary Sipp Green went on to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City before launching her career as a painter.

The intensely saturated colors in her works evoke an immediate sense of place and a privileged window on an intimate tableau. Sipp Green achieves an ethereal, nuanced quality to her paintings that imparts a refined, inimitable serenity. Many of the subjects she paints—salt marshes, barns, meadows, rivers, and the occasional cityscape—are captured in the beautiful light of dusk or a luminescent sunrise. The effect is dreamy yet grounded and emotive.

Sipp Green states, “While my preferred medium has always been oil on linen, my methods, techniques, and aesthetic aims have all undergone significant transformations since I first began. I learned my craft in the studio, painting still-lifes and portraits, as well as landscapes drawn directly from nature. Over time, I became increasingly engaged with more abstract and spiritual aspects of the landscape form and I began to pursue a less representational, more expressive style.” When describing the “diffuse quality of color,” she explains, “I use many layers of paint, allowing each to dry before the next is applied. Along the way, the surface of the paint is often refigured in unpredictable ways, and there is much that has to be scraped, sanded, destroyed and reapplied before the essence of a place, its mood and atmosphere finally emerges onto the canvas.”

Sipp Green’s work is widely collected in prominent private and public collections, including the D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts, part of the Springfield Museum of Art quadrangle in Springfield, Massachusetts, where her large oil painting Twilight Falls in South County hangs in the museum’s entryway; and in The Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio.