Tom Blackwell Press Release


Concurrent with its Motorcycles & Mannequins exhibition, The Artist Book Foundation announces the release of Tom Blackwell: The Complete Paintings 1970–2014. While the artworks on display in the Louis and Susan Meisel Gallery feature Blackwell’s newer paintings (he completed the latest at the end of 2017), The Complete Paintings covers the entirety of Blackwell’s oeuvre and includes a compilation of his early paintings through to his most recent works.

Born in Chicago in 1938, Blackwell uses photo-derived images to address themes such as the passage of time, the fragility of nature, and the continuity that weaves throughout human history. These paintings, rich in symbolism, leave room for endless interpretive possibilities while showcasing the broad scope of Blackwell’s artistic abilities. This comprehensive study of the artist’s work tracks his artistic development and process, from his robust motorcycles to his vibrant urban storefronts and more.

In conjunction with the exhibition and the book’s release, there will be a panel discussion on the iconic status of the motorcycle in American culture and the role Photorealism plays as a strong and appropriate genre for its representation in art. Along with motorcycle a cionados and enthusiasts, artist Tom Blackwell and Louis Meisel, a rider and a Photorealism expert, will join the conversation.

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